Friday, June 17, 2011

the last post

I started Kwok's Kreations with no real purpose in mind except as a place to post some of my old/current art and motivate myself to keep creating things and not become brain-dead with boredom. And now it is time to move to my NEW blog. I've put a bit more thought into what I wanted this new blog to be like, and I realized that I wanted to keep making art and cartoons and posting the things that I dream up, but also wanted to write about my real life adventures and random things that happen (why not?). So I present to you, my new blog:


I chose this name because I'm always daydreaming and having my head stuck up in the clouds when I'm supposed to be on the ground. So anyway, I will be writing my first post tomorrow at this new address:

I hope you'll still keep following me and taking part in my random adventures =) 

<3 laura.

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