Saturday, May 28, 2011

Indian for a week

okay... so the new blog is in coming, but while that is in progress, here is a bit of what I've been doing lately. I went to my good friend's ginormous, four-day Indian wedding, in which I ate unlimited MOUNDS of DEEP-FRIED FOOD and subsequently gained 10000 pounds (it was glorious). I also got to wear lots of colourful, jeweled Indian suits, which I LOVED. It made me want my own Indian wedding, SERIOUSLY.

 By the end of the week, I had finally learned that all the food served during the first 2-3 hours were only the APPETIZERS (pictured below). That didn't stop me from filling up my plate though. Look at all that DEEP-FRIED GOODNESS.

 After consuming all those appetizers, dinner was served!

Everyone was dressed in such vibrant colours... I want to get my own suit/sari!

Oh and since some of the wedding events were on game-days, the wedding was shown on one TV, and the Canucks (WINNING) was shown on the other. =)

Best quote of the week went to my friend who summed up my continual awe of the wedding glamour by saying:
 "You are an indian stuck in a chinese body"... 

yes... yes I am.

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