Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Doodle of the Day: Comfort Drawing

I have a whole list of comfort foods that I could easily consume on a daily basis if my arteries allowed. I also have what I call "comfort drawing" which refers to drawing something that's easy and "comfortable" for me. It's for times when I want to create something but don't really want to think... so I default to drawing mindlessly. In this case, it's random signature laura-flowers (with a couple of silly-lookin' birds thrown in).

Usually I make my lines thicker and go over each line a couple of times with my pen, but today I just drew everything with quick strokes and a more "clean-line" style without thinking too much about what I was actually drawing.

I could comfort-draw like this forever. =)


  1. I want to take this design and make it into a stamp so I can use it for you know what :P

  2. K can you please please please help me design my baby's room when I have one?????? That is soooo cute!!!!!!!

  3. amanda: this would be cute on a card =)
    daisy: i'd love to help!! Now go produce a baby and we'll talk. HAHAH

  4. Meh we'll start on it next month!!! I got 3 weeks left to eat all the stuff I'm forbidden to eat once I'm pregnant!!!!!!! I'll call you as soon as I know so you can get to work on the blueprints k?!!