Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Meet Mikey

Not that many people know, but Mr. Potatohead and I have actually had a bunny for the past 4 (or so) years. We had two other bunnies during this time but Mikey here outlasted them all... He's a tough meatball. He even puts up with me calling him "FAT ONE" all the time. I never really liked pets until I met Mikey. It actually took me 3 years to actually truly learn to like him. But now he's like my son. My grumpy, stubborn, lardy lump of a son. And I love him that way! Also, I think he takes after his mother because he eats as much as me. Oh and he LOVES to munch on cardboard boxes and toilet paper rolls... which are edible but aren't exactly good for him... (just like me and junk food!) We are so alike.

When I saw this stuffed bunny at Urban Outfitters, I thought, "MIKEY!!!!!" because he has a moustache just like him. But Mikey could take on this furry fiend, any day. 



  1. So this is what you were doing in class. You totally looked like you were concentrarting, so i figured you were doing something random and unproductive lol! However.... this is actually quite adorable :)