Wednesday, March 23, 2011

panda painting

Yesterday, I spent time throwing paint on a T-shirt for my friend's belated birthday present. When I'm painting, I have a really bad habit of rushing, and my impatience results in splattering paint all over the shirt. Instead of trying to wash off the spots, I got experimental and ended up flooding the shirt with water to create a fuzzy "watercolour" effect along the edges. I covered the rest of the splatters with the green paint splotches/embroidered felt material. I probably spent more time trying to fix the shirt than actually painting it. 

Anyway, I don't know if my friend will actually wear this or not - something about the panda just sitting there like a LETHARGIC LUMP makes me laugh. Is this shirt wearable? Leave a comment and let me know. I totally won't be offended if you say no. hahah =) 

And if you see my friend walking around wearing this shirt, I give you permission to point and laugh.


  1. that is still a pretty impressive lethargic lump! lol i realized you actually have twooo friends whose names start with A and who both like pandas..but i guess the baseball cap indicates this shirt is for the male gendered one. i think it makes a a good outfit for when he's taking awkward phone calls for you :p

  2. he wore it today and it got lots of high praise! :D it's such a cool shirt Laura!! nicely done :)

  3. Hey! I love this shirt, firstly because you are an amazing artist and secondly because i feel like i have a rather odd connection to the friend this was made for haha! Oh, and thirdly because my phone is flooded with pictures of the shirt that u were trying to send to yourself. Very cute panda :)

  4. Aww.. you have Another Awesome friend who Adores pAndas? :P The panda look like a big fat lump of... lard (a lot like the artist perhaps?).

  5. grace: you're a lethargic lump. it's one of the highest compliments i could pay you. HAHA
    amy: haha thanks! so he actually DID wear it haha!
    tina: u make me laugh. psychic.
    amanda: HAHA. yes. i obviously have to make everything a little lardy to infuse a little self-portrait-ism in my artwork... =P

  6. awwww you made the panda SO FAT!!! I LOVE IT!! heheh soo adorable