Tuesday, March 29, 2011

tick tock, kwok got a clock!

Ignore the cringe-worthy title of this post and just let me have my ridiculous rhyme okay? Moving on...

Remember the lace doily clock from this post? Well, the clock is officially mine, thanks to a wonderfully (and sneakily) orchestrated surprise by Mr. Potatohead! He knew that I loved this clock but I thought it was too small as a showpiece on my wall (the original is 7 inches). So he messaged the fabulous folks at Uncommon and asked them to custom-make an especially LARGE one for me!!! I'm such a lucky girl. 

It's funny though. When my parents saw it, they were like, "That's not a clock. You can't even tell the time!" ... Oh Parental Kwoks... IT DOESN'T MATTER! In this case, prettiness takes priority over practicality.


Thanks again, Mr. Potatohead. You're a real special SPUD! hahaha


  1. aww... you're right. The size is perfect~ Smart move, Mr. Potatohead!

  2. awww thats so sweet of him!! :)