Thursday, March 10, 2011

Lovebird #1 has found a home!

Michelle, the very first customer of a lovebird pin, is an incredibly talented photographer. I was going to take my own photographs of my bird creation in a lovely white bird-cage, but I'm glad Michelle offered because she did a MUCH better job =) See more of her work here (wedding photography blog) and here (personal blog). I LOVE the rustic feel of the moments she captures. 

Lovebird #1 is now proudly pinned onto a cute navy blue toggle coat! 

If you are interested in buying a lovebird pin, I'm thinking of making some more in the near future! So I'll let you guys know when I've got my act together. 


  1. i thought of you when i saw this!

  2. what about these? haha

  3. haha thanks for the links andrea... i would totally wear that kind of jewelry... it's amazing! ... i wanna try making some now =)