Saturday, March 12, 2011

Introducing... FOODIE BAGS!

So as I mentioned previously, the talented Miss Peng and I are working on a little project that we like to call...

We design cute and practical lunch bags that you wouldn't be ashamed to carry around. This is our first "prototype". So without further ado, I present to you, the DINER DASH bag  featuring Mr. Moustache-Burger*...

*note: Mr. Moustache-Burger's facial aesthetics can undergo fabric surgery:
(the moustache is not necessary... that was just me).

This foodiebag was made with the skill and patience of Miss Peng as she crafted this entire bag by hand! As many of our friends have noticed (and witnessed), the start of this project has made us more spinster-like than ever (imagine the Hunchback of Notre Dame tirelessly trying to thread a needle...) <-- yes, that is what we have become. But we have sewing machines on the way, which will definitely help with our sewing craze! For better or for worse...

More designs coming soon =) 


  1. OMG Laura your stuff are so cute!!!!!!!!

  2. This is awesome!! Bei showed me hers in one of our classes and it was the cutest!! This will be huge in the teacher realm :) I'm so proud!

  3. Soo nice! Love it :) pls let me know when you put a cupcake design on one!

  4. How bout a vampire burger with ketchup dribbling out over the side of his buns?

  5. i always wanted to just get a plain black canvas side messenger bag, and sew a bunch of these vintage buttons on it.

  6. see what i found!

  7. god damnit laura these are DAMN cute!