Friday, April 1, 2011

diabetes overload

Today was sunny. It made me crave ice-cream.


  1. You should make cards laura!! your artwork totally looks like something I'd see professionally made on a greeting card. Something fun to do at home? I have a cousin who does that, and she does it for fun and also sells it to stores that wanna sell them.
    You should totally consider going into design or smth along those lines, where u can expand your artwork!! you are so amazing!! <3

  2. haha... my art is just a hobby for now. actually funny you should mention that, because THIS particular design (the can-can icecreams on the banana) actually WAS made for a local greeting card company a few years ago... i have no idea if they sold any but yeah..... haha. maybe i should =P

  3. These should be printed on T-shirts! I'd totally buy them, especially the second picture!