Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Mindless Mumblings and Random Ramblings

So I'm sitting at school with a million thoughts zipping through my mind.

Thought #1: I have a Tim Hortons XL steeped tea beside me. What are the chances that THIS IS THE ONE? God knows how many times I've been disappointed by the Please Try Again.

Thought #2: I have a 10 page Study Guide aka. THE MASTERPIECE beside me. It holds all the answers to life. Or at least to this test. What are the chances that I will actually have the motivation to read it in the next few hours?

Thought #3: I can't believe I actually slept with said Study Guide underneath my pillow last night, hoping that somehow the info would evaporate upwards and into my brain. Come on... it works for naive elementary school children!! ... (some things never change)...

Thought #4: Tomorrow I have my last University class ever with the prof that sleeps in her own guest speakers' presentations (multiple times). Right after class I will be going home to take a nap and then driving down to Portland for a weekend getaway!!! I'VE NEVER BEEN THERE!! I'M SO EXCITED! (no one cares! have pity and pretend you do!)

Thought #5: Actually I have yet to tell my parents about the trip... I should do that today. Actually, I have yet to tell them that I have a blog... Also, I have yet to add them on Facebook. (Never). Ignore Friend Request Indefinitely.

Thought #6: The first thing I'm going to do when I get back from my mini vacation is to PAINT A PICTURE. I have been dying to paint something and have been restless for WEEKS to do so. If I don't paint soon, my brain is going to explode onto the canvas (k... violent imagery there.... that would be a gory self-portrait. Ha!)...

Thought #7: The guy who runs the study place I'm in looks EXACTLY like Bilbo Baggins. All he needs is the Shire Theme Song playing discretely in the background while he's working in his little office. I want to follow him home and see if he lives in a Hobbit hole (but the words "stalker" and "restraining order" hinder me from doing so). If you don't get my Lord of the Rings reference, you are a FOOL OF A TOOK and should be eaten by an Orc.

Excellent... my friends have come to join me in the dungeon of endless procrastination... I should stop mindlessly blogging. Time for some hearty studying time!

Thanks for listening to my VERBAL VOMIT! Bye!

Epilogue: (Update on Thought #1:) I got another Please Try Again.


  1. oh laura!!!!.. so i want to get a tshirt made from your creative genius!!!.. annnnnnnd i have another proposition for you/... calll me as soon as school is over i just KNOW you will very excited for the second one. i KNOW it.

  2. This made me happy, and less bad about being online with just a few hours to go! good luck!

    ps. Portland is awesome, you'll love it. If you can, stop by Seaside, Oregon on the way down, it has the most stunning beaches. And Bagels by the Sea has the best bagelwiches ever. Almost legendary.

  3. did u get a picture of bilbo?????

  4. You're hillarious.. I love it, our dungeon of procrastination.

  5. I <3 your verbal vomiting ways fatty!!! When's your convocation btw???

  6. Love your verbal spewage and information evaporation technique.
    Btw spinister reunite soon?
    Crouching backer hidden spinister

  7. This is awesome~!
    I will definitely miss you girls :)

  8. I went shopping for a bit today just so I could see what it feels like to be you right now!!~ You must be having so much fun. I can't wait to see you this summer! We need to make plans.. NOW!