Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Hot Millions

In my last post, I mentioned drawing something with loads of CHALK. The project that I worked on last week was helping my friend design the menu boards for her family's pizza place, Hot Millions Café, in Surrey, B.C. (see their location and reviews here at Urban Spoon).

For the menu boards, we used coloured chalk pastels and worked for around 5 hours. All the chalkboards were already installed near the ceiling, so we had to get used to drawing upright while standing on a small table (there were a few moments where I lost my balance and almost fell off but miraculously I was still unscathed at the end of the night). It was super fun and of course the best part was eating the amazingly delicious pizza!!!

Here are some pictures...

I loved the bright decor of the place - it felt so warm and cozy. 

Look at the size of that BEAST (I'm referring to the pizza above). Honestly, $8.99 is an insanely low price for the quality and size of pizza that you can get at Hot Millions.

Below are some pictures of all the menu boards that we worked on:

Aside from pizza, they also have pasta, wings, and stir-fry (I was tempted to try everything)...

And of course, what is a Kwok's Kreations post without something completely random? Here is Greasy Grewal and I, taking a break from working to strike a pose. Good times =)