Saturday, April 16, 2011


Sometimes I shop in the guys section (hey, growing up, my mom bought my clothes from the boys department, so why stop now?) A few months ago, I picked up a MAN SHIRT from Urban Outfitters for $5. It was a size LARGE ... but nothing a little shirt reconstruction can't fix. Now I'm not a sewing pro, by any means, and I've never followed an actual sewing pattern in my life... but anyway, I try. So this is my first little HOW TO:

You need: 
1) an old man's shirt     2) cloth-cutting scissors       3) a sewing machine

And here is my attempt at explaining my shirt reconstruction process:

Remember to sew everything while the T-shirt is inside-out!

I forgot to take a "BEFORE" picture of me wearing the man shirt, but the finished product is a much more fitted shirt with slightly smaller sleeves and a wide scoop neck. 

Let me know if you decide to try it!!! =) 
(oh, and unlike me, you might want to iron the shirt before you wear it) haha!


  1. HAHAHAHAHHA~ Yes.. please iron your clothes for once :P
    Aww.. I wanna do sewing projects with you.. too bad I'm too lazy to bring my sewing machine back with me. So I guess we'll have to use yours ^^` I have so many fun projects I wanna do.. you up for it?

  2. That looks awesome, thanks for sharing. :)

    The Cat Hag

  3. is this your closet?!~ if it is... it's huge! and i like that teal dress behind you! and your womanly man shirt! hehe :P

  4. amanda: so up for it.

    addie: thanks =) im glad you like it!

    cherry: hahahahha... no thats not my CLOSET, that's my ROOM!!! hahahha my closet is like this small two-door NONwalk-in one.

    im glad u like my man shirt! yay! hahahah

  5. I just bought my first iron the other day....lived without one for almost 2 years of my marriage!!! Had to get one cuz I washed a bunch of my summer dresses and they were unwearable if I didn't iron them HAHA