Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Piggies in Portland

Hiii everyone! I'm back from Portland and I wish I were still there. Since I am in vacation withdrawal phase, here are some pictures from my trip for your viewing pleasure...

On our vacation, we feasted like pigs. 

Here we have Pok Pok's famous Fish-Sauce Chicken Wings + Catfish dish! 
(if you haven't been to Pok Pok, you should go!)

We also went shopping... (as shown by my new necklace here)...

...and we visited the Tillamook Cheese Factory... which also conveniently sold ice-cream.

I love the architecture and style of the old buildings in downtown Portland...

...and I also love the ginormous restroom indicators at the outlet mall
 that I just had to androgynously pose with.

Overall, the weather was quite sunny while we were there,
 and cherry blossoms were blooming everywhere!


I hope all the coming weekends are this fabulous.

In the end, the moments I enjoyed most were the simple ones - like singing along with the radio 
during the long car rides or taking an after-dinner stroll in a quaint little neighborhood 
where time seemed to linger, just for awhile. 


  1. Awwww Grace piggy is so adorable......and Wil piggy is a monster!!

  2. eeeps best post ever! your pictures are so awesome! thank you for capturing our trip in such artistic lighting :p ...and thanks again for the other "candid/creeper" shots.

    & i love how daisy could instantly identify who each piggy is! though i guess it's pretty obvious..lardy laura ready to eat. DEMURE (hah) randy with his cheese. me and my shopping bags and monster wil with his chicken mcnuggets...who has chest hairy and is wearing a wifebeater?! haha i just noticed.

  3. I like those pigs. They should be in a kid's book!