Tuesday, April 12, 2011

my low-budget window display

This is my artsy attempt at a low-budget window display. haha. (Oh and say hello to my beautiful bass guitar!) 

On a side note: tax-free shopping was so awesome - I was not used to the glorious concept of "the price on the tag is the exact price you pay" and I felt deliriously happy collecting pennies from all the purchases that ended in .99! Anyway, even though we actually didn't have time to go to too many "girly clothing stores", I found a lot of things that I had seen + liked but had never bought in Canada because they were too expensive. LADIES, you know that feeling when you find an item you've been looking for and there's only one, buried in a dingy corner, and it's on sale, AND it's your size? There were so many of those moments where I just pulled something off the rack and thought, "well, hello there..." (creepy much?) 

I think my favourite purchase had to be that brown bag I found at a random consignment store (I LOVE THRIFT STORES!!!) According to my friend, if you look closely the bag looks like a CREEPY FACE. Can you see it? That just made me love it more. HAHAHA.

Anyway, for you ladies who are interested, I posted more pictures HERE since I didn't want to bombard my guy viewers with too much shopping talk! (haha... too late...)


  1. whoa i totally see it!
    that guy who pointed it out must be some sort of genius.

  2. i want your creepy face bag in all its leathery gorgeousness!

  3. aww that top is soooo pretty! :D

    Where I am, they include tax in the price on the tag so it goes right over our heads! ha

  4. yes, I totally know that feeling. Felt that over here in melbourne, actually ;)

  5. i like that your bag has a face! it gives it personality!