Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Reunited with Potatoes Once Again!!!

By the way, this past Sunday (Easter) was my last day of fasting potatoes for Lent! So when I could finally eat potatoes, I went to lunch with a couple of friends with the full intention of ordering the scrumptious spud. I ordered "Baked Chicken on Rice with Portuguese Sauce", a dish that always comes with POTATOES. But no... the restaurant that I went to was a MASSIVE FAIL and my meal turned out to be a large mound of rice with a sad shriveled excuse of a chicken cutlet topped with a thick barf-coloured sauce that smelled just like it looked (hungry yet?) Ironically I had gone to another restaurant with my parents the night before, and my mom had ordered the exact same thing - and it had come with potatoes galore!

After that anti-climatic experience, I overcompensated today by going to McDonald's on two separate occasions - once to get a junior chicken burger, and later on to get a LARGE FRIES that I ate all by myself in all of its greasy, glorious, golden goodness. Mr. Potato joined in on my little feast too...

Oh, and side note: After eating those fries, I ate six tacos. Yes... today was a good day indeed.

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