Friday, April 15, 2011

I see things.

I admit. I see things. Awhile back I drew weird random characters inspired by a crazy-lookin' piece of ginger (refresh your memory here). This time, I was washing my paint palette and watching the dried acrylic patches chip away when an image suddenly flashed into my head. 

Can you see it? 

Look closer...

and closer...

Okay call me crazy but does the chipping paint not look like Jesus to you? (Oh and I threw a fried egg in the mix for additional randomness). Oh and by Jesus I mean the "stereotypical image of Jesus" because no one really knows what Jesus looks like. For the full effect you have to see the Tumblr-transformation version here. And now I feel like one of those people who find a far-fetched image of Jesus on a piece of toast and sell it on eBay for a couple hundred $$$. 

Anyway, moral of the story: God is everywhere people, even in paint palettes!


  1. BAHAHAHAHAS oh mans. you remind me of the kid from Sixth Sense - "i see dead people". i couldn't tell before seeing your superimposed Jesus sketch, but scrolling backwards now it seems so obvious in the dried up paint splotches.

  2. hahaha yup! Jesus is IN THE PAINT TRAY! Reminding you that you're doing a good job :)