Monday, February 7, 2011

Ginger Art

Since SOMEONE told me today that I didn't know how to draw ginger, I went to my kitchen to seek out the real thing. What I found was...


I honestly didn't know ginger was this MONSTROUS-LOOKING!!! I googled "ginger" just to check that this was what it was supposed to look like. haha. Anyway, just looking at this weird, rocky lump got me imagining all these shapes and characters that I could draw on it. But I didn't think my mom would be too happy if I took a Sharpie to her cooking ingredients.

So... I took pictures of the ginger and drew on them in Photoshop instead. Look at the picture below and try to imagine what YOU think the ginger looks like... 


  1. wow that's awesome :)

    except that one monkey carrying the smaller ones is disturbingly muscular :/

  2. ooooo, very coool. I like this.

  3. I think you should actually draw the pictures on the ginger and then sell it on ebay.
    Cool thing about drawing on ginger is that no two ginger pieces are alike so it's not like someone can just copy it.

  4. my first reaction was: wow, this is awesome. but wil beat me to it.

    the middle monkey looks like curious george :)

  5. I feel so proud to call you my not-so-loser friend :)

  6. i love it! i will need to find you more weirdly shaped foods to draw on.

  7. Thanks for all your lovely comments guysss!! And yah the awkward looking monkey carrying the other two is indeed on steroids. How else would he get those mutant muscles??!