Thursday, February 24, 2011

Doodle of the Day: Mehndi Inspirations

My inspiration of the day comes from Mehndi.

No, not Daler Mehndi...

(even though he does inspire me with his impeccable dance moves seen here).

I mean bridal mehndi, also known as Henna.

via google images

So today in class while my friends were looking at Indian bridal ads for their weddings, I decided to practice drawing a few henna-inspired designs of my own. During my 3-hour class, I created this massive doodle (while still listening to the lecture of course)...

This is what happens when you give me a blank piece of paper and a pen.


  1. okay, i might be able to make cards. BUT YOU ARE THE MASTER OF DOODLING.

  2. the daler mendhi picture has a little tag that says "PULL OUT FOR LYRICS"...haha that made me laugh

  3. Daler Mendhi!!!!!!!!! omg made me laugh so funni lol

  4. that doodle is AMAZING, fats.

    daler mendhi. summer of 2005. you need to revive marshmallow art..esp daler-mendi-themed marshmallow art! pls tell me you remember lol

  5. i was there when you created the third of it in class, guess your other classes bored u too?

  6. henna designs are super fun~ cause you can go crazy and nobody would call you crazy! Except.. that you're CRAZY GOOD :)
    Btw.. we have the same nail polish on at the same time! How awesome is that? hehe.. kwoks rock.

  7. kind of out there... but you should really design tattoos. or even tattoo artist. the kind of designs you can come with are balltastic


  8. That's sooooooooooooo pretty!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. I love these! its awesome!!!!!!