Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Party in "THE USA"

Okay. So I realize that lately I have not been doing many ART posts... which is the main purpose of this blog... but I have been too busy studying like a madwoman to make any art worth showing... so you will have to bear with posts about my LIFE until then.

This past week I went on a little adventure with my dad down to Point Roberts (aka. the little section of the States that you can only get to by driving through Canada)... ALSO known as the place of cheap gas, one American supermarket, and nothing much else. It started with me intending to go down by myself to pick up a rug that I had shipped to an American address (shipping to Canada = $40, shipping  to the States = $7!!!) you do the math. But my dad wanted to tag along to experience "THE USA", as he calls it.

So I finally trumped his life-long misconception that "the States is far and dangerous" because 40 minutes later, we were across the border and I had already picked up my rug. My dad then proceeded to explore the uncharted territories of Point Roberts and persuaded me to drive all the way down to the end where the land meets the deep blue sea.

It was the sunniest day we'd had in months. Look at how blue the sky is in this one... (not even Photoshopped!)

My dad was in a good mood so I forced tactfully persuaded him to take creeper pictures behind poles...

Since we were randomly exploring anyway, we also checked out the supermarket... seriously, there are SO MANY MORE FLAVOURS for everything than there is in Canada. And... there were also controversial items that I've never seen sold in Canada...

These made me laugh... then shake my head... then pull out my camera to document the hilarity...

So overall, it was a great trip - Mission Accomplished - on so many levels; I got my rug (yay! see below!), made my dad unknowingly take creeper pictures, found racist salad dressing...what more could I ask for? BEST RANDOM DAY TRIP EVER.


  1. bahahaha Low Fat Asian?? ..i wonder what the thought process when they were coming up with the name. sounds more like a skinny asian person in the bottle than salad dressing.

  2. Racist salad dressing, excellent. In the UK we used to have racist marmalade which had pictures of golliwogs on the label. Not anymore.

  3. HAHA i had to google what "golliwogs" were.

    And when I did, they made me laugh.

  4. You are a mistake kwok, AN ART MISTAKE, ahahahaah that was me being ART'IST get it!? mwahhahahha
    further stalking shall proceed from

  5. I can't believe your dad finally left the city and the country~ haha.. it must have been such a cool father-daughter bonding time :P I love your rug btw.. I wonder if it makes you think of me. cause I would so have that in my room~

  6. "So I finally trumped his life-long misconception that "the States is far and dangerous"

    best sentence. are you sure about that?

    btw, I love the rug.