Sunday, February 6, 2011

School Doodles Episode 1: Star Wars Version

The following post is super random... so if you're going to read it, make sure you read it carefully so you can keep up with my train of thought...and even then.... I don't even know if it makes sense. You have been warned.

Sitting through 3 hour lectures is never fun, so to pass the time, I often end up thinking of weird things and drawing them during class.

During our break, I saw a girl walking around campus wearing giant fluffy earmuffs - they were SO HUGE that it reminded me of Princess Leia's monstrous hair-buns from Star Wars...

 which led to the thought, "that would be funny if people sold "Princess Leia Earmuffs".... 

which led to the thought, "the earmuffs could be made of coiled human hair" (CREEPY)... 

which led to the thought, "I shall draw Princess Leia Earmuffs in my next class..."

which I did. 

And the result was a sad rendition of a Shopping Channel infomercial, featuring an aged, grumpy-looking Carrie Fischer selling creepy earmuffs made of human hair, and why not throw in some Yoda Headphones for good measure? 

Then after spending almost two hours of class (on and off) painstakingly crafting my masterpiece, one of my classmates leans over, looks at the Yoda, and says casually, "that PIG looks familiar". HAHAHA. Then she says, "Is it from a childhood cartoon?" and my other friend says, "No!!! It's YODA from Star Wars". I don't remember what happened after that because my friend and I were too busy laughing at how the artwork that I had been slaving over was just totally demolished with one comment.

Anyway, after that, I decided that Yoda needed to redeem himself.


Although I'm not sure that really redeems him. I think I'm just digging myself into a deeper hole. 

 haha... I still can't get over it. "That PIG looks familiar". 

At least she wasn't referring to me.

OH... and by the way.... to make me seem less crazy.... Princess Leia Earmuffs actually DO EXIST.

The power of GOOGLE confirms that I am not insane.

The awesome knit Leia earmuffs were sold on Etsy, and the hilarious fleece hat is from Bleu Arts.


  1. Yoda-pig is definitely action figure worthy :)

  2. bahahaha i definitely see the resemblance you mentioned in your email.

  3. I'd totally vote for Yoda the pig...! :P

  4. I like yoga pig the best!
    Hey, you should make a page on facebook for your blog---then link it so that the facebook page receives the rss feeds and automatically posts onto the site.

  5. or maybe google confirms that you and the person who made those ear muffs are both crazy!