Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy S.A.D. (Singles Awareness Day) !!

To all you single people out there, don't worry, Valentine's is over-rated! Celebrate your singleness! And to all you couples out there, don't get scammed into the whole Hallmark Holiday, but take it as a reminder to show appreciation for that someone special - not just on Feb. 14, but every day. (aww look at me, getting all sappy and sweet).

Speaking of sweet, this is a good segway moment to introducing the one and only sugar-coated fatty fellow, Mr. Donut. Here are some random love-themed donut doodles that will hopefully make you smile =)

Do you feel Mr. Donut's pain?

Fortunately, he fills that empty gaping hole (literally) and reunites with his tiny timbit girlfriend!


  1. i would like to be the kleenex that the donut uses for the icing tears...

  2. who's the donut and who's the little timbit donut ball???

  3. lol. i can imagine the americans and the irishman looking at this and going..WTheck is a timbit?!

  4. funni and clever Ms. KowK !...and I'll stay anonymous just cuz I know how much it bugs you!! hehehe