Thursday, February 17, 2011

Cookies: Part II

So while Grace made those awesome love letter cookies you saw in the last post, I was slaving away on another type of cookie... 

Do you like my face in the next one? haha

I think Spiderman approves...

So there you go... SPIDERMAN COOKIES!!! They were fun to make, but even more fun to EAT!!!

One last thing...

I mentioned last time that I used the leftover dough to make one special cookie... I'll post him (or... IT) next time, but I'll leave you with a little preview... Take a random guess + leave a comment! 


  1. heyyyy.. GOOD GUESS!!!! but no. haha

  2. this is my kitchenaid mixer's first official blog appearance. these two posts make me want to start a baking blog................. :p

  3. DO IT! i'm telling you, it would be awesome. although it would make me hungry all the time...

  4. hey... there IS something strange with your face in the spider man cookie photo. it's smudged for some reason. were you trying to give yourself a pig nose? or disguise your identity to internet creepers?

  5. Josh: haha i was trying to disguise my identity so i smudged the face and ended up giving myself a pig nose... which was a bonus. hahaha