Saturday, February 5, 2011

HALO halo

As I was digging through the ancient archives of my computer, I found a whole bunch of artwork that I created a long time ago - VINTAGE Kwok Kreations haha.  In the following weeks I'm going to post some of my favourite ones (and also draw some new ones too).

One of the best Christmas presents I've ever received was when good ol' Randy got me a tablet 3 years ago. This drawing of Master Chief from HALO was a Laurandy collaboration, and the first drawing ever, using my tablet. (By the way, I am absolutely ABYSMAL at playing HALO... and all other video games for that matter. My gaming incompetence never fails to amaze me.... and everyone else I'm playing with).

So ya... Master Chief was discovered while rummaging in the old Kwok files. 
However, I felt like this old drawing needed a FACELIFT. So... I took the liberty of making a few modifications...

This one's for all the filipinos and fil-chis! For all you other confused folks, you have been missing out on SHEER GOODNESS. (Click here to educate yourselves)

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