Monday, February 7, 2011

Corn vs. Cheese

This coming school week, I think I've got an assignment or quiz every day, so it's gonna feel lonnngggg... It's Sunday night and I'm already looking forward to NEXT weekend haha. In preparation for the Great Monday Depression, I'm posting Pepperoni Face, my fierce sidekick and trusty companion, who can take any greaseball on (mainly because he's the biggest greaseball around).

Also, I finally made a "Kwok's Kreations" signature because someone suggested I should sign all my drawings... and I hardly ever do. But I shall try.

ANOTHER THING: Did anyone notice in the last post, that the two Yoda faces are exactly the same? Extra bonus points if you did. I was too lazy to draw another face so the YODA-PIG is actually a clone hahaha. Oh the wonders of Copy & Paste.

LAST THING: ... since I introduced Pepperoni Face, I feel he's so CHEESY that he needs someone else to rival his cheesiness....

maybe someone corny...

someone like...


To be quite honest, I have ABSOLUTELY NO IDEA how I thought of this character, or what kind of relation Elvis has with corn

Anyhow... Here's the {QUESTION OF THE WEEK}:

If Pepperoni Face and Elvis Corn went at it in an epic battle, WHO WOULD WIN? 

Leave a comment.


  1. pizza. obviously. look how fierce he is!

  2. i agree with wil. pizza > elvis. elvis's corn hands look rather feminine.

  3. Bryan says:

    the corn would epically win in epic proportions due to its epic corn-shooting abilities with his giant epic corn cannon.