Friday, February 11, 2011

My hero, Yoda is.

I love YODA... he's the epitome of wisdom AND attractiveness! hahahaha

So imagine my horror at Toys R' Us, when I spotted this HIDEOUS Yoda impostor!!!

Anyway, I thought I'd redeem the ugly Yoda doll, AND my failed [Yoda Pig], so I tried drawing Yoda again. This time, without sunglasses. haha. 

Oh cassette tapes... I am *cough* WAS still using them when everyone had already moved on to mp3 players. Seriously, I'm  like one of those old grandmas who scoff at young hoodlums and refuse to go with the times. haha.

Speaking of grandmas...

BEST TOY EVER!!!  haha... totally useless, except for the fact that it would provide me with hours of endless entertainment... by myself... in my room.... with no friends.... story of my life.


  1. loser! ahaha i would join you totally as a racing grandmama!

  2. haha... cassette tapes, there were...
    haha... crippling speed...