Thursday, February 10, 2011

greetings, lovely stalkers!

So Blogger has this thing that can track website views and where the views come from - which is kinda neat. This week, (well, actually I only started this blog exactly a week ago...) I got a whole bunch of views from Canadians (Woo! ... thanks friends who were coerced into visiting my blog), from Americans (Hello, people south of the border), from Hong Kongians (I was born in Hong Kong... and have no idea what the correct term for Hong Kong people is), and... if you look at the screenshot I took below... one view from IRELAND! haha.... I think that's so cool!!!

But... thanks to my wandering mind.... I couldn't help but imagine a jolly leprechaun reading my blog from across the world while promoting magically delicious breakfast cereal (giant exaggeration I know... forgive me).

It did inspire me however, to create this...

Now I'm craving Lucky Charms... haha...just the marshmallows though... I don't want the other stuff.

Oh, and if "Dia Dhuit" doesn't really mean "Hello" in Irish, I blame Google Translator.

Anyway, I really do appreciate everyone who views my blog, and reads (or skims over) my random ramblings... =) Have a FANTABULOUS dayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!


  1. i know it's just the shape of his peacoat, but it looks like he's farting marshmallows.

    hmm.. i wish i could fart marshmallows.

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  3. Haha it does!!!! Good observation... ... ...

  4. what a coincidence...
    I was listening to Irish radio yesterday:

    You can listen live =)
    They actually don't sound as funny on the radio..
    the irish accent is pretty subtle. =(