Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Introducing... Miss Cupcake!

Recently, I've had more time to devote to art, so I'm excited to take a break from school for awhile and just... create! For the past few days, I've been working on a few mini art projects here and there. I shall try to be diligent and post my little monsters soon.

Anyway, it's been awhile since the last Foodie Bag creation was released (the Diner Dash bag), but Mr. Moustache-Burger was feeling lonely and he needed a female counterpart. So here she is in all her feminine glory...

Mr. Burger seems very happy...

... a little TOO happy...

Going along with the burger + cupcake theme, this post reminded me of a painting I made last year.

These creations were made for the REAL MISS CUPCAKE - the talented baker who made THIS monstrosity below... (I'm so proud of her dessert-making skills ... mainly because I get to taste-test! haha just kidding... but not really.) Isn't it so deliciously amazing?

...and finally, since I just could not resist while we're on a roll with all the cupcake shenanigans, I cannot help but feel the urge to make this creepster pose every time I see cupcakes... and as evidence shows, this has been attempted on various occasions. (left: last year on my birthday, right: at a wedding).

For more cupcake eye-candy, click here. For the rest of you who have had enough of this sugar overload, enjoy the rest of your day, my sweeties (*gag*).

I will be posting more randomness in awhile!


  1. aww! LOVE! fav post ever! :D and only slightly biased here!

    my cupcake lunch bag is too awesome.. as evidenced by the look of desire on that burger bag.

    so someday i will have to bake you to giant cupcakes..for a MONSTROUS creeper pose?

  2. whoa! i can already visualize the disaster now... me trying to hold up TWO of those GLORIOUSLY GARGANTUAN cupcakes...

  3. now i want cupcakes.

  4. i'v been on a sewing binge recently too.wen r we goin to put our combined work together hun?
    the other spinster

  5. nom nom nom i love cupcakes and icing!